Asian Arms (Tony Paul)

Bayliss, Keith

A. S. Bottomley

By Sword & Musket (Kirk Emmerich)

Alan S. Cook Antique Arms & Armour

Flintlocks at War (Richard Smith)

Cliff Fuller

Pete Holder Antique American Firearms

Iosson, Andrew

Kings Shilling Antiques (John Hutchins)

Henry Krank & Co.

Martin Giles Antiques

M.D.L. (Bob Hedger)

M.G. Books

Ralph Parr

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Spoils of War (David Hughes)

Stand of Arms (Chris Berry)

Jeremy Tenniswood

Garth Vincent Antique Arms & Armour (Dom Vincent)

Waterloo Militaria (Gary Lawrence)

West Street Antiques (Philip Spooner)

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Winks, David